Best Mouse under 500 (Wired & Wireless Mouse)

Do you think all the models of the mouse are the same?  Are you convinced to use any of the mouse models with your device? If yes, then this can be one big mistake that you can make.

Though, it may appear simple but choosing a suitable mouse for your device can be a tricky pick. Most of the users can miss some of the amazing benefits of the mouse by selecting an inappropriate mouse design. Not all the mouse models are the same!

To save our readers from such a situation, we have shortlisted some of the best wired & wireless mouse under Rs.500. Read along and find the most suitable mouse model according to your needs.


Best Mouse Under 500 (Wired & Wireless Gaming mouse)

List of Best Mouse Under 500 in India

  1. Logitech M221 Silent Wireless Mouse
  2. Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse
  3. Lenovo N100 Wireless Mouse
  4. iBall Free Go G50 Feather-Light Wireless Optical Mouse
  5. HP Comfort X1500 Optical USB Wired Mouse
  6. Lenovo 300 Wired Mouse
  7. HP X1000 Wired Mouse
  8. Logitech B100 Optical Mouse
  9. Dell MS116 1000DPI USB Wired Optical Mouse
  10. HP X900 USB Mouse


Best Mouse Under 500 in India 2021

Here we have prepared list of Best wired and wireless mouse under Rs.500 in India 2021

Logitech M221 Silent Wireless Mouse:

Logitech M221 Silent Wireless Mouse, Best Mouse Under 500

Logitech is one of the best brands when it comes to finding the most reliable and performing mouse. To match up with the reputation of the brand, this available mouse from the brand is simple, reliable and strong in its functioning.

The best feature of this mouse is that it reduces the noise level to up to 90%. This means that the users can easily use this Logitech mouse without causing any disturbances to the surrounding people.

One of the most essential factors to consider in any mouse is its shape. Keeping this in mind, Logitech has designed this mouse in the best comfortable shape that can easily adjust with the user’s hand. Moreover, it is available in mobile size which further makes its handling convenient for the users.

The presence of quiet mark certification assures the users that they are investing their time and money with the right product. The users can get the maximum value for their money within the 18-month battery life of this amazing Logitech mouse.


  • 90% noise reduction
  • Available in mobile size
  • Convenient shape for easy fit-in
  • Comes with quiet mark certification
  • 18-months of battery life
  • Wireless connectivity


Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse:

Besy Wireless Mouse Under 500 Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse

This is another amazing mouse from the reputed Logitech brand. This mouse represents the reliability, quality performance and simplicity for its users.

To stand distinguished from the crowd, this Logitech mouse offers instant pairing options to the users. Along with this, it is designed with a USB that is available inside the mouse for establishing easy and secure connections with the required devices. Moreover, it is quite easy for the users to establish the required connection by simply opening the lower part of the mouse.

To make it feasible for the users, this Logitech beauty can offer a wireless connection within the distance range of 10m. This is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, etc. and also offers 1-year warranty to the users.

The users can also get the benefit of advanced optical tracking with this mouse. Thanks to this feature, the mouse can easily track the required movements on any kind of surface. This Logitech mouse can offer 12-months of battery life to its users without any hassles.


  • Can establish instant pairing and USB connections
  • Enabled with advanced optical tracking
  • Offers maximum compatibility
  • 12-months of battery life with 1-year of overall warranty
  • 10m of wireless connection range


Lenovo N100 Wireless Mouse:

Lenovo N100 Wireless Mouse, Best Mouse Below 500 in India 2021

If you are looking for a stylish wireless mouse that can not only look good but can also deliver you with the best smooth functions, then Lenovo mouse should be your choice. This mouse is designed according to the basic requirements of the users.

To begin with, this is a wireless mouse equipped with an unobtrusive receiver which can offer smooth and lag-free connections without any hassles. It is an easy installation plug and play device which can be easily used. It offers the maximum warranty of 1-year to its users.

Talking about its distinguishing features, it comes with an anti-slip grip which makes it really easy for the users to hold it. It very conveniently adjusts with the shape of the user’s hand and thus offers smooth navigation. Along with this, its ergonomically designed contours provide the required support while using it.

Lastly, this lightweight mouse is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and thus need not to be replaced. Its sleek black body is the major attraction for the users.


  • Enabled with anti-slip grip for a smooth hold
  • Water-drop design for perfect adjustment with the user’s hand
  • Lightweight and high portability
  • Comes with an unobtrusive receiver
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows


iBall Free Go G50 Feather-Light Wireless Optical Mouse:

iBall Free Go G50 Feather-Light Wireless Optical Mouse with Wide Compatibility

Rights from its start, iBall has made its unmatched and stable reputation amongst the customers. Thanks to its unique design and innovative features, it is one of the most preferred mouse brands in the market.

The first thing which will impress you in this mouse is its piano shiny finish which is one of the major attractions. To make it more impressive, it comes with an ergonomic and comfortable design. It simply fits and adjusts with the user’s hand with the best grip.

If you need a wireless mouse for high-speed operations, then this mouse will make the best choice. It can easily detect the movements and thus delivers smooth working without any lags.

Another important benefit of this mouse is that it automatically moves to the power saving mode when not in use. It also offers an easy storage option along with an easy and secure connectivity option with a nano USB receiver. Lastly, thanks to the premium alkaline battery, it can offer uninterrupted and long-duration performance.


  • Ergonomic and comfortable design with a shiny finish
  • Convenient and strong grip
  • Offers high-speed wireless operations
  • Can easily detect movements on any surface
  • Saves maximum power when not in use


HP Comfort X1500 Optical USB Wired Mouse:

HP Comfort X1500 Optical USB Wired Mouse(H4K66AA), the Best Wire Mouce Under 500

HP is yet another name of reliable brands in the electronics market and thus its mouse can easily be trusted for quality and long-lasting performance. Talking about this particular HP mouse, it is one of the stylish options of mouse that you can use to charm your workplace.

To offer convenient usage to the users, it is designed to offer a one-step simple USB connection. This means that the users can easily set up the required connection between the external devices and this mouse without any hassles.

The 3-button design of this HP mouse ensures the users to offer the maximum productivity for the long run. It is enabled with optical sensors that allow the mouse to work on almost all types of surfaces. This mouse is capable of tracking all the essential movements for making the accessing easy and suitable for its users.

With this HP house, you get a whole new way to communicate, connect, work and play in the way you want. It also offers 1-year of warranty time to the users against the possible problems and defects.


  • Comes with an easy accessing feature
  • Stylish design for impressing the users
  • 3-button design for improved productivity
  • Enabled with optical sensors for movement tracking on all types of surfaces


Lenovo 300 Wired Mouse:

Lenovo 300 Wired Mouse (Model-GX30M39704)

With Lenovo, you can find some amazing options with both a wireless mouse and a wired mouse. The users get a wide variety of options to choose from along with getting the perfect balance of performance and reliability with the product.

This Lenovo mouse is a decent looking mouse that can easily blend with any of the interior design textures. The accessibility of this device is kept really simple which allows all users to get easy and convenient usage.

This is a wired mouse that is enabled with 1600dpi optical sensors for ensuring smooth movements on all types of surfaces. It can easily track all the desirable movements of the users without any delay or hassles. It is given the 3-button design which includes left, right and scroll bar which can be used according to the needs of the users.

In terms of its design, it comes in an attractive combination of black and orange colors. Along with this, the users can get a comfortable grip which can offer the maximum support for long usage time.


  • Supportive design for maximum use
  • Available with a strong and smooth grip
  • Decent looking design
  • 3-button availability for easy accessing
  • Enabled with optical sensors for easy tracking of the required movements


HP X1000 Wired Mouse:

HP X1000 Wired Mice

Coming from the HP brand, the users can be sure of getting an uninterrupted performance in the long run. HP makes sure to satisfy the varying needs and requirements of the users in the best possible manner from its quality products. This HP mouse is one such example that is designed to impress the users with its quality and working.

The users can be sure of having improved productivity; thanks to the 3-button design of this mouse. The available left, right and scroll button can be used as and when needed by the users. It also offers 1-year of warranty time to the users against the possible issues and problems that they may face.

To make sure that the mouse can perform well on all types of surfaces, it is enabled with 1600dpi optical sensors. The sensors are so effective that no movement of the device is ever missed. Other than this, the users can set up the required connections using the USB connectivity option.

To conclude, this HP X1000 mouse is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS which further eliminates the need to replace the mouse.


  • Offers high-end compatibility
  • Enabled with 1600dpi optical sensors
  • 3-button design for improved productivity
  • Sleek, subtle yet attractive design
  • Smooth USB connections with the required devices


Logitech B100 Optical Mouse:

Logitech B100 Optical Mouse

Logitech will never fail to provide you with some quality products for your varying needs and requirements. Being one of the most reputed and trustworthy brands in the market, the users can be sure to get the maximum value for their invested money.

This is a corded mouse that can handle all your operations in the best possible manner. It is an easily accessible device that can be taken care of even by non-tech savvy users without any hassles.

To ensure that the users get the maximum precision in the required mouse movements, it is designed with 800dpi optical sensors. These optical sensors are so effective that there is hardly any chance to miss any movement. Moreover, the users are given with 3-years hardware warranty with this Logitech optical mouse.

Talking about the compatibility of the mouse, it is highly compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is accompanied by 180cm long cable which allows the users enough distance to work with maximum ease.


  • Enabled with 800dpi optical tracking sensors
  • USB ports for easy and convenient installations
  • 180cm long cable for easy connections
  • Comfortable grip even for long working hours
  • Attractive and decent design


Dell MS116 1000DPI USB Wired Optical Mouse:

Dell MS116 1000DPI USB Wired Optical Mouse

The list of the best mouse cannot get completed without the mention of Dell brand in it. The brand is one of the most reputed and reliable brand names which is preferred by many users over many other available brands.

Dell ensures to offer the maximum ease and convenience to its users and thus enables its mouse with 1000dpi optical sensors. Thanks to these highly effective sensors, the users can use this mouse on any type of surface without any hassles.

It also offers its users a cable of 1.8m length which can be used for establishing easy and stable connections between the mouse and the required device. The USB connection type is also extremely satisfying and allows smooth operations and functioning.

It comes in a small compact size with which it can easily be carried to any place without any struggles. Its aesthetic design is hard to resist and offers a smooth comfortable grip to the users for long hours of use. This mouse with 1-year warranty time is suitable for all types of regular and office-based works.


  • Enabled with 1000dpi optical sensors
  • Comes with 1.8m cable length
  • Offers smooth USB connections with the required devices
  • Available in a compact size and aesthetic design
  • Smooth comfortable grip for maximum use


HP X900 USB Mouse:

HP X900 USB Mouse

Last but not least on our list of the best mouse is this HP X900 mouse which is simply suitable for all the users who are looking for a decent performing mouse. Other than being an attraction with its simple design, it can also impress you with its unmatched performance.

To begin with, it comes with a contoured shape design which offers the maximum grip and comfort to the users. Thanks to this design, the users can use this mouse for the maximum time without feeling a thing of pain or discomfort. Also, the 3-button design with its scroll wheel ensures maximum productivity to the users’ needs.

To further ensure that the users’ request is never delayed, this mouse is enabled with strong and effective 1000dpi optical sensors. With these sensors, this mouse can track all the possible movements of the mouse on every possible surface.

Lastly, this HP X900 mouse is compatible with Windows 7/above OS and Mac OS X 10.xand above versions. The 1-year of available warranty and the strict HP guidelines for design assures the users to get the maximum value for their money.


  • Offers high-end compatibility
  • Establishes smooth USB connections with the required devices
  • Designed to be used for the maximum time without any pain
  • Enabled with strong 1000dpi optical sensors


Conclusion for Best Mouse Under Rs.500:

Amongst the mentioned options, the Logitech M221 Silent Wireless Mouse is our recommendation.

This mouse is suitable to get noiseless operations with smooth and strong wireless connections as and when needed. The mouse is also lightweight and compact for being suitable for easy traveling. Other than this, this device is available at such an affordable price range that it can be hard to resist deal for many people.

In case, you need any other information related to the selection of the best mouse, then please do comment below. We will provide you with the best relevant assistance possible.

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