Top 10 Best UPS for Computer in India 2021 (PC UPS)


You can never be sure of the Indian electricity scenario. Isn’t it? The one minute you are working on your system and the very next minute you may lose all your work because of the power cut.

And that gets quite painful, isn’t it?  Yes, we can totally understand.

You are always at the risk of losing your essential data unless you are using the right UPS for your system. A well-suited UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) can be the perfect support for your system when it gets disconnected from the primary power supply. UPS gives your system the needed time to settle every task before it shuts down.

Having a suitable UPS is quite crucial for the system and so is its selection. Thanks to the plenty of UPS options in the market, you may get confused when choosing the right one for you. This buying guide can surely be your helping hand.


10 Best UPS for Computer in India 2021 (By Top UPS Brands)

APC BX600C-IN 600VA, 230V Back UPS

APC BX600C-IN 600VA, 230V Back Uninterruptible Power Supply

The APC brand never fails to impress its users with the type of products that they offer. They take care of delivering only the quality products to their users after carefully analyzing the needs and requirements of them. This particular model of UPS from the APC brand is one of such models that you will love using for your electronic appliances.

This UPS make use of 230V of input voltage along with 47.63Hz of the input frequency. The model of UPS can be used for both home appliances as well as for office appliances. Therefore, you just need this one particular UPS and all your needs for providing the desired backup to the electronic devices is sorted.

You also get the facility of alarm notifications for all types of UPS functioning. Whether the UPS is low on battery or is overloaded, you will get an alarm notification for the same. This helps the users to be sure of any faults that may occur in the normal functioning of the UPS and thus to take preventive measures to overcome them.

Apart from delivering the desired functioning, this UPS comes with a power saving feature which helps in extending the lifetime of the UPS. It also prevents the UPS from getting completely drained and thus reduces the risk of UPS failures. You need a total of 5-6 hours for completely charging the UPS for getting the desired performance.

Highlighted features

  • Effective functioning
  • Beneficial for both home and office use
  • Long-lasting battery


APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back UPS

APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V, Best UPS for Computer

This is one of the best UPS that you can give your system. Coming from the most reliable brand, this UPS can easily be trusted for its performance and efficiency. It uses the input voltage of 230V along with 45-55 Hz as its input frequency.

One of the major benefits of using this UPS is its audible alarm notifications. As soon as there is any change in the state of UPS condition, you can hear an alarm notification for making you alert. It works using the automatic balance in the voltage which offers the maximum convenience to the users with its performance which changes according to the flow of electricity.

With the light indicators, it really becomes easy for the users to be sure of how much battery is left in the UPS and when it needs to get charged. It is also enabled with a battery saver feature which saves the maximum of battery life of the UPS to be used 2 times better than needed. It shuts the UPS before the entire battery in it is completely drains.

This model is the most suitable to be used at both home and offices along with big workplaces. The UPS takes about 6-hours to get completely charge and can get charged using the inverter as well. This UPS is a complete package that you would need for your system.

Highlighted features

  • Suitable for home and office
  • Inverter compatible
  • Offers power saver feature


APC BR1500G-IN 865W Back UPS

APC BR1500G-IN 865W Back UPS the Best UPS for PC in India 2021

This UPS from APC is another masterpiece that you would love to have for your system. This UPS is a durable and efficient power UPS which delivers all the desired functionalities to its users. You will be totally satisfied with the overall performance of this UPS along with being impressed with the benefits and features that has in its store.

To begin with, this UPS requires the power consumption of 865W which ensures an effective performance for the systems. This UPS is the best suited for the systems which are gaming consoles, wireless networks as well as the home or office based electronic devices. This UPS not only delivers the power supply during the power cuts but also stabilizes the working of the system during the time of fluctuations of the power supply and voltages.

It also comes with the feature of battery saving mode which helps the users to get its dedicated services for a longer time. Along with this, the effective power management feature of this UPS guarantees the users to get the optimal use during the time of emergencies. It also alerts the users with audible notifications for any faults and problems so that the users can take preventive measures.

Along with delivering the desired feature to the system, this UPS offers the needed protection to the sensitive devices so that they can be protected from any kind of damages.

Highlighted features

  • Suits gaming computers
  • Offers advanced safety measures
  • Comes with power saving mode


Intex 1000VA Gaama UPS

Intex 1000VA Gaama UPS for Computer PC

With an excellent battery backup, this UPS from Intex is one of the most efficient UPS available in the Indian market. it can be said that this UPS is designed for the Indian systems so that they can perform their best performance even during the time of power failures. This UPS is one genuine product that you can get at an affordable price range.

For delivering its effective functioning to the users, it needs 1000VA/500W as its input requirements along with the frequency range of 50Hz. It comes with a good battery which can offer the total backup time of 50 minutes which is quite sufficient for handling the load of 1 system. Coming to the output voltage and power, it delivers 360W and 230V along with the transfer time of 4-minutes.

With these specifications, this UPS is meant mainly for the home users. It is an easy to use UPS which adds another advantage for the home users when using this UPS. Another advantage that comes with this UPS is that it doesn’t create much noise when working.

The light indicators enabled on this UPS allow the users to be sure of the charging, low battery indication, overloading or any fault alerts. You also get the warranty of 1-year on this UPS against the possible flaws that you may face. This UPS can give a tough call to all the other models of UPS in the market.

Highlighted features

  • Made for home users
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Makes less noise


Circle Concerto Live 202 Multimedia Headphones with Mic

Circle Concerto Live 202 Multimedia Headphones with Mic

Thanks to the microprocessors used in the UPS from this brand, it is one of the most reliable as well as most convenient to use UPS. It comes loaded with lots many features which help this UPS to gain the attention of the users and to get in their favorite list. You will surely love the overall performance of this UPS that has been designed to be used with simplicity and ease.

This UPS comes with DC start functionality along with the automatic restart feature. This means that its users don’t have to worry about switching it on again and again during the power cut situations. Other than this, even the fluctuation from the primary power source to the UPS power source is so smooth that you won’t feel a thing when it actually happens.

The working of this UPS is so that it helps the systems to be well-protected against the sudden power failures as well as sudden power fluctuations. This makes the UPS quite effective to be used with even the sensitive electronic appliances. Along with this, the working of this UPS happens without any noise and thus can be easily trusted and can be relied on.

One of the major benefits that you get with this UPS is that it is available at an affordable price range and thus can be bought by anyone.

Highlighted features

  • Efficient power backup
  • Protects the sensitive electronic appliances
  • Available at an affordable price range


Intex Protector 725 UPS for PC

Intex Protector 725 UPS for PC

If you are looking for an UPS that can offer you the maximum reliability as well as superior functionality, then this UPS would make the best choice. Apart from the dedicated performance of this UPS, you will also be impressed by the outer beauty of this UPS. It comes with a strong and sturdy outer case which protects the interior of this UPS from all kind of damages and problems.

Intex Protector 725 makes use of Boost and Buck mechanism which enables it to stabilize the input voltage as and when needed. It is a light-weight UPS which can be transferred as and when needed by the users. Also, the attractive looks of this UPS will complement and will catch the attention of everyone around the room.

It has the ability to handle the requirement of 1 system quite well and thus the users can be sure to get enough time for securing all their sensitive and desired information in time. You will also not feel a thing when your electronic appliances switch its uses from the primary power source to that of UPS. It also comes with the warranty time of 1-year against the possible defects that you may face.

Another benefit that this UPS offers to its users, is that of the ease of installation. It doesn’t need any special assistance for installation as it can be simply plugged in and then used.

Highlighted features

  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for home users
  • Attractive outer design


iBall Nirantar UPS-612V 600VA UPS with Power Protection

iBall Nirantar UPS-612V 600VA UPS with Power Protection

This UPS is so made that it is compatible with almost all the electronic devices and thus can be used without any worries about the compatibility. It is one light-weight UPS that thus is also highly portable to its users. This UPS will deliver you with the desired backup supply for 40-minutes for one system.

It makes use of Boost and Buck mechanism and thus has a voltage regulator for balancing and stabilizing the voltage and power fluctuations. As it is controlled by microprocessors, you will never face any of the problems with the working of this UPS. If you are worried about the noises that generally a UPS makes while working, then this particular UPS works quite silently and thus does not disturbs the users.

Along with the benefit of balancing and supplying the desired backup power to the electronic devices, it is also beneficial for protecting the devices. This means that you can use this UPS for preventing your expensive and sensitive devices from getting damaged due to the problem of power fluctuations as well as other damages.

It also indicates its users with the issues like charging requirement, battery overloading, system fault, etc. As a result of the same, the users can be sure that this UPS will deliver them with the required amount of protection as well as battery backup.

Highlighted features

  • Provides adequate backup
  • Protects the devices
  • No installation needed


Champion UPS 800VA for Computer

Champion UPS 800VA for Computer

Thanks to the value of 800VA of this UPS, it is listed as one of the most reliable and the most competitive UPS in the market. It is designed for the Indian users so that they can get all the required benefits for their devices as well as their systems. The overall performance of this UPS is satisfactory and thus it can be used if you are looking for a simple yet effective UPS for your home, office or shop uses.

It is a line interactive UPS which comes with an implicit battery and thus can be seen as a reliable and trusted model of UPS. The battery contained in this UPS is around 12V and it offers the backup time of around 25-minutes to the devices. This may appear to be less than the other UPS which are available in the market but it is quite effective when used in reality.

Apart from delivering the desired battery backup time, this UPS is also designed to deliver the users with effective protection for their devices from any harmful damages. It stabilizes the voltages and power consumption so that no part of your system and devices get damaged. So, you can be sure with the use of this UPS for all types of devices and for getting effective protection as well.

It also alarms you for the various needs that it requires for the effective functioning.

Highlighted features

  • Effective protection to devices
  • 2-years of warranty
  • Can be used for home, offices, and shops


Microtek 800VA UPS for Computer PC

Microtek 800VA UPS for Computer PC

This is one effective and functional UPS that comes from the popular and well-known brand of Microtek. Coming from such a brand name, this model can be trusted for its uses and effectiveness without any doubts. It is so designed that it offers the right amount of battery backup along with the desired protection to the users.

To begin with, this UPS is compatible with lots of electronic devices and thus can be used without worrying about any compatibility issues. It makes use of double batteries of 800VA capacity which makes this UPS quite effective in backing up the devices. Using these batteries, this UPS can deliver the needed backup time of about 25-50 minutes to the single systems and the other connected devices.

After delivering the required backup to the devices and system, the UPS’ battery needs about 2-4 hours to get completely charged. Apart from this, you can use this UPS for voltage regulation as it effectively balances the voltages when being used with the devices. This protects the devices from being damaged to the voltage fluctuations.

Along with this, it also indicates the users with the battery charging need, the over-charging issue as well as for any fault that may be coming in the effective functioning of the UPS. You get the total warranty of 2-years along with 1-year of warranty of the battery of the UPS.

Highlighted features

  • Suitable for home users
  • Needs more time to recharge
  • Regulates the voltage fluctuations


Numeric UPS Digital 600EX-V Uninterruptible Power Supply

Numeric UPS Digital 600EX-V UPS

This UPS is designed especially for the users who are looking for a UPS that is simple to use and is effective in its functioning. Though this UPS from the Numeric brand is not that popular as compared to the other well-known brands but it still has successfully made its reputation in the market. Thanks to the benefits of high reliability and ease to use that this UPS is one of the most trusted UPS that you can buy.

One of the best features that you can get from this UPS is that of effective protection to the devices. It regulates and adjusts the flow of electricity and voltage for its working and thus causes no harm to the various devices which are connected to it. The output power that you can expect from this UPS is that of 0.6W.

You also get the benefits of cold start compatibility which assures the users that the UPS will start as soon as the device is cut from the primary power supply. Along with this, by making the effective use of smart battery administration, it can indicate its users with all kind of issues that may come across with the working. It also saves the battery while backing up the devices and thus offers an extended battery life to the users.

It comes with 2-years of warranty time. Along with offering the output voltage of 230V, it also takes 5-6 hours for completely charging its battery.

Highlighted features

  • Suitable for both home and office users
  • Smart battery management
  • Cold start capability


Luminous UPS Uno 600

Luminous Luminous UPS Uno 600 Best UPS for Computer in India 2021

This is one of the UPS which delivers constant and continuous power backup to the users and thus can be considered as one of the most reliable UPS. With its continuous power back up to the various connected devices, it protects the data to be safe during all the times. Besides delivering the needed power backup to the devices, this UPS offers a long-lasting battery life along with fast charging.

Thanks to the feature of ‘Intelligent Continuous Charging’ of this UPS, it aids the battery from any kind of damages and defects. Along with this, the ‘Smart Charge’ feature ensures to boost the performance of the UPS when connected with the devices. The battery of this UPS can be charged within the maximum time of 4-6 hours.

The battery of this UPS is well protected from deep discharging by making the use of no-load shutdown feature. This prevents the battery from getting completely drained when in use. It comes with the overall warranty time of 2-years along with a warranty of 1-year on the battery of the UPS.

This model is suitable for home users only and can be used limited to 2-3 devices only. Its ability to offer solid power backup along with high portability makes this USP as one of the best UPS to be used. Thanks to the light-weight of this USP, it also offers high portability to the users.

Highlighted features

  • Offers high-end power backup to devices
  • Can be used with a couple of devices
  • Charges pretty fast


Artis PS-600VA 600VA Line Interactive UPS

Artis PS-600VA 600VA Line Interactive UPS

This USP makes it place in the hearts of the users as it is fast and effective in delivering the power back up to the users. This UPS can be used for areas where there are frequent issues of power failure as this UPS can get in charge as soon as the power cut happens. Also, you can expect getting all the reliable features from this UPS which makes this UPS one durable model of UPS for the users.

It has a wide range of input which range from 140 to 300VAC. This is considered quite effective when you are looking an effective UPS that will come right in action after the power cut. As the battery of this UPS is extremely responsive, you don’t have to wait to get for this UPS to get in action.

The battery of this UPS is controlled with microprocessors which enhances the reliability of this UPS. Artis PS-600VA can also regulate the voltage fluctuations quite well and thus can also protect the devices from the possible damages. It also operates using the Boost and Buck mechanism which is an added benefit to the users.

It also has an auto-restart feature which enhances the convenience of the users. The line interactivity of this UPS makes this UPS compatible with a lot of devices. This UPS also offers the portability benefit to its users as it is extremely light-weight.

Highlighted features

  • Highly compatible
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Stabilizes the voltage fluctuations


How to choose the best UPS for a Computer in India 2021?

Choosing a Computer UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for your system can be a tough call if you don’t have the exact knowledge of the things to consider when buying one. This can really be hard and at the same time confusing to choose the most suitable one from the pool of options.

If you have gone through the struggle, then here are some points that you shouldn’t miss paying attention to before buying the UPS for your system:

  1. Compatibility:

Well, you may get a UPS for just one device or you may get one for connecting multiple devices with it. But, if you are not sure about the compatibility of the UPS with the various devices, then it may get a little difficult to make the most of the UPS.

That is why you should ask and be sure about the compatibility of the UPS with the various types and the various numbers of devices for an easy and secure connection. You don’t want to limit the access to your selected UPS just because it doesn’t connect with the required device. Checking the compatibility can be helpful here.

  1. Power of the UPS:

There is no use of buying a UPS if it cannot provide the needed power to the connected devices. It is quite obvious that if the UPS power is less than what your connected devices demand, the devices will die really soon. This will bring you back to square one with no backup for your system.

Therefore, you should look for a UPS that has enough power to offer to the various devices which would be connected to it. The higher the value of the power offered by the UPS, the better will be its performance and strength to offer to the connected devices.

Missing on this factor is a big NO!

  1. Runtime of the UPS:

The runtime of the UPS depends upon the various devices that you want to connect with the UPS. In simple words, it depends on what you intend to connect and use for UPS backup. It is the time for which the UPS can backup your devices.

It varies from UPS to UPS as well as with the number of devices connected with the UPS. If you have a number of devices connected with the UPS, its runtime will be less. While, if you have only a limited number of devices connected with the UPS, then it can offer its services to the devices and system for a longer period of time.

  1. Transfer time:

This is one factor that most of the people won’t be aware of or they won’t give much attention to. But believe us; you will enjoy the best convenience from the UPS if you are sure about its transfer time.

Transfer time is basically the time that the UPS takes to get in charge or to get in operation when the system gets disconnected from the primary source of electricity. The lesser the transfer time, the faster will the UPS starts its operations and so you will not get any interruptions in your work. The perfect UPS should just take fractions of seconds to transfer the system on its working.

  1. Price:

Most of the people don’t pay much attention to the price of the UPS when they are looking for that right choice. This is where they make mistake and end up sending way much more than what is actually required. It is not always the case that only an expensive UPS will make the best choice.

There are many UPS available in the market which are inexpensive and yet deliver the best performance for their users. Try looking for the one UPS which fits in your budget and doesn’t dent your pocket as well.

  1. Usage type:

Not every UPS is the same. No matter if they look the same to you, they have a lot more variety to offer. To be specific, there are some UPS which are meant to be used for domestic purposes, while there are many which can only be used for office uses.

On the other hand, there are some UPS which can be used for both domestic and office uses. Which one would be the most suited for your needs? Look around to your needs and then look around to the possible UPS options available. We are sure you would get the most suited one for yourself.

  1. Noise:

Do remember to choose a UPS that makes no or very minimal noise when it is working. If you have chosen a UPS that is opposite of this, then be prepared for hearing the constant loud noises that your UPS will make while working.

You don’t want that, right? being aware of the possibility of noise made by the UPS can only save you from this.

  1. Warranty:

If you don’t consider the available warranty of the UPS as an important factor for buying UPS, then you are making a mistake. Don’t believe us? Well, you will certainly do when you may have to wait for getting your problem with the UPS resolved.

Without getting a good warranty for the UPS, you may have to deal with the UPS problems that may arise in a lot harder way than you can imagine. It is, therefore, quite needed to have a decent warranty for the UPS that you have selected.


FAQs for UPS:

Why do you need a Good UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?

Do you live in an area where power cuts are quite frequent? Don’t you still make use of UPS for your system? Some applause claps for you, there!

Wondering why? Well, it actually takes a lot of courage to not support your system with an effective and powerful UPS while living and struggling with the problem of frequent power cuts.

An effective UPS can immediately use its battery power and provide your system with the continuous source of power for continuing with its operations. Though the battery backup of different UPS may differ but it certainly helps in avoiding the problem of instant switch off or blackout of the system.

Would there be any better reason that you should use a UPS for your system? If you are looking for more reasons, then have a look at these benefits that you will support the concern of why do you need a UPS for your system:

  • Ensures the effective working of the devices and system
  • Avoids the chances of possible risks and damages to the system and devices
  • Ensures longer life expectancy of the devices and system
  • Strengthens the performance of the system in situations of voltage and power fluctuations
  • Provides the needed backup power to the system for device’s continuous working


Which UPS brand is the best?

There are a lot of many UPS brands available in the Indian market that will give you varying benefits and qualities. You can try from these following options:

  • Opti UPS
  • Microtek UPS
  • Eaton Tower
  • Belkin RG
  • APC Back UPS


What is a Computer UPS System?

It is a device that allows the system to keep running for a short period of time even when the primary source of power fails. This helps the users to preserve most of their sensitive information during the unavailability of the primary power source. It is quite effective in areas with frequent power cuts.


Which are the best UPS in India?

The choice of best UPS in India can vary as per the user’s needs and requirements. However, these are some of the popular choices for the users present in the Indian market:

  1. APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA 230V Back UPS
  2. Intex 1000VA Gaama UPS
  3. Circle Concerto Live 202
  4. Intex Protector 725 UPS
  5. What is UPS power source?

The UPS contains a battery that comes in the operational mode as soon as the device realize that there is a loss or cut from the primary power supply. The time for which the UPS offers backup to your device depends upon the power in its battery.


Conclusion for Best Computer UPS:

UPS is an integral part of the computer system. If not selected with proper care, it may hinder the proper working of the computer system. Therefore, we would like to recommend the use of APC BX600C-IN 600VA, 230V Back UPS in your system.

This UPS is quite effective in its performance and is available at an affordable price range. Also, you can expect benefits like good battery back, light indicators, audible alarm, etc. from this UPS which helps it to be the best.

Looking for more information about UPS? Do comment below anything that you want to know about UPS and we will get back to you.

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